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updated Oct 2017

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1) Ring the Cardiff Duty Officer on 01446 712564, tell him what club you are from, and ask for both the Raglan and Madley wave boxes to be opened up to FL195 from a specified time allowing at least 30 mins for Cardiff to contact London ATC to get approval for the request. NB Usk GC may have already phoned and asked for the box to be opened. When you specify a start time give a generous allowance for pilots to reach the base of the wave box. It takes a long time to reach FL145 even in what you think are strong conditions.

2) Give them the call signs of all the gliders that may want to use the box. (They will ring back to confirm the airspace is "ours" from the start time requested for a two hour period).

3) In flight before you reach the box mentally note the QFE setting on your altimeter then set QNE.

4) Radio Cardiff on 119.150 MHz when you are about to enter the box. Use the correct radio procedure stating your current position, height and intentions.

5) Stay on 119.150 MHz whilst in the box and listen out as Cardiff may call you. Do not use this channel to chat to your mates as it is a commercial airband.

6) Keep strictly within the box and do not encroach into the airway. To know your position accurately you must have a moving map display with up-to-date airspace on it. Remember the wave boxes only go up to FL195.

7) Call Cardiff once you have descended out of the box and then change channels back to 130.100 MHz and reset your altimeter to QFE.

8) If all the gliders from our club have landed back please ring Cardiff again so that they can release the boxes earlier. (Make sure you tell them this applies to our gliders only. Usk may still have gliders in the box).

9) If you want the wave box to stay open for an additional two hours get someone on the ground to contact Cardiff Radar at least 30 minutes before the box is due to close to ask for an extension.

If you need to contact Usk GC, their number is 01291 690536

Updated: 10 October 2017 - MF