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The Talgarth Triangle - history

the story behind the Trophy...

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by Ralph Johnson

The trophy was originally called Tony's Triangle and was started by Tony Manwaring at the Essex Gliding Club, North Weald around 1979. The idea was that a triangle of around 100k would be set by Tony at the start of each season. Pilots would then try to get around the course as fast as possible with the trophy being awarded to the fastest handicapped speed at the end of the year. I joined Essex GC in 1981 and first won the trophy in 1983 with a speed of 66kph in a K6e (around 81kph handicapped). I won it again in 1984 and again in 1985. After that they decided I should keep it and it's been on my window sill ever since.

Early this year I thought it would do more good if it went to a new home and new pilots were racing for it again. Because the task is quite short it is very suitable for early cross country attempts and on the right day fast handicapped speeds are possible in modest gliders. This provides quite a challenge for the pundits in their hot ships. After some discussion it was decided to rename it the Talgarth Triangle.

The task set this year is 103k Leominster - Burley Gate (Burley Gate is a very obvious cross roads near Ledbury). As Talgarth is a wave site a maximum start height of 1000m has been decided - this was not a problem at North Weald where the airspace limit was 2200' and you had to keep below that for the first 5 miles!

To be more true to the original competition the scores will be displayed the handicapped speed rather than XC points.

May 2007

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