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The Talgarth Triangle

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Talgarth Triangle 2018 scoreboard


The Talgarth Triangle is a year-long pre-set cross country task of around 100k aimed at encouraging more cross country flying and providing a little spice through competition! Proof of a successful flight can also be submitted to the BGA for the 100k diploma. The BGA handicapping system favours lower performance gliders that get round in reasonable time - so your 1962 K6 has a very real chance against the latest hotships. The trophy itself was donated by club member Ralph Johnson who won it a number of times when it was part of a club competition at the Essex GC in the eighties

For a more detailed history of this Trophy click here

The trophy will be awarded for the fastest handicapped speed around the course


1. The triangle for 2018 is TAL-LED-LEO-TAL. (Talgarth-Ledbury-Leominster-Talgarth) which is 125.35K

TAL-LED-LEO-TAL - Click  for larger image

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2. The task can be flown in either direction and turning point sectors (not barrels) must be used.
3. Start height is a maximum of 3500ft QFE along a line 12k in length perpendicular to the outbound track overhead Talgarth airfield. ie. 6km either side of the start at TAL
4. The finish line is 1k in length perpendicular to the final leg and must not be flown below 500ft unless it is a final approach to land. If you land back on the airfield you are assumed to have finished the task even if you do not actually cross the finish line.
5. Evidence of the flight must be provided as a logger trace.
6. Any airspace violation or proven bad airmanship during the flight will automatically exclude the flight from the competition.
7. The competition is open to full and country members of BMGC who have been cleared for X-country flying. The competition is not open to day members from other clubs.
8. The competition runs from 1st Jan to 31st Dec each year with the trophy, inscribed with the winner's name, being presented at the next AGM.
9. The scoring will follow competition rules. The winner will be the fastest handicapped speed around the task.
10. To encourage the less experienced, holders of a Gold C will also be handicapped by 10% of their achieved speed. So for example 90 kph by the club pundit will score 81 kph
11. The winner is responsible for looking after the cup for the year and must return it to the office when asked to do so.

How to enter your flight

Email your claim to the task scorer, Mike Tomlinson:

Details required are:- Pilot's name and badge rating, glider type and registration, date of flight, start and finish times of the task and the logger trace file.


1. The scoreboard will be held on the BMGC XC Ladder website
2. Mike Tomlinson together with Ralph Johnson will make all decisions regarding the awarding of the trophy. Their decision is final.
3. Don't take the competition too seriously! Flying is supposed to be fun!

Scoreboard - link below

Talgarth Triangle 2018 scoreboard

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