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Group bookings and corporate events
We offer the chance for groups of families, friends or colleagues to come together and sample the delights of gliding. Corporate groups will benefit from an activity which inspires confidence in individuals, and encourages a team spirit. We cater for groups of between 4 and 12 people. If your circumstances dictate, we can split the corporate booking into 2 days.

When and how to book your group event
We operate 7 days a week during British Summer Time, and at weekends throughout the rest of the year. Group bookings can be tailored to suit your specific requirements. Please call the office to discuss the details of your booking any weekday morning (except Wednesdays) on 01874 711463 or email us at

On the day
If you are travelling some distance to Talgarth, we would advise calling the club after 9am on the day of your corporate event, just to ensure the weather is suitable for your trial lesson. The weather may stop us from flying - rain, fog and strong winds are the usual culprits.

The flight
On arrival, the group will receive a full pre-flight briefing. Each individual will then take an instructional flight, known as a Trial Lesson. This provides an excellent introduction to gliding, and is flown with a fully qualified British Gliding Association instructor, in a dual controlled glider. Each flight normally lasts around 20 to 30 minutes. Follow the trial lessons link for more details.

After the flight
After you have all flown, why not relax and reflect on your experience with a drink and a delicious meal at one of the local pubs or hotel restaurants. The instructor will be more than happy to take a photograph of your group as a memento of the occasion.

The discounted rate of 80 per person applies to Trial Lesson for groups of 4 or more.

Added benefits
Corporate group clients also benefit from 3 months temporary club membership allowing further access to club facilities. As a temporary member, clients have the opportunity to return to Talgarth and take additional training flights at club member rates during this time. For return visits to the club, you can pre-book a training slot via the office. If this is the sport for you, annual membership and flying costs are very affordable, please see our website for details.

Restrictions on flying
Size - A maximum weight of 16 stone is a safety limitation, and people over 6ft 4 inches will not fit in the cockpit. Fitness - Flying is not physically demanding. You should be able to get in and out of the cockpit and be able to sign a medical declaration. If you are under medication you may need to ask your GP for advice. You should not fly if you have a cold.

Updated: 11 August 2015 MF