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Friday 31 July 2015

Good XC day at Talgarth...

Very cold the night before is quite often a sign,given certain other factors as well, that the next day will be very good - and so it turned out.
I was off at 11.30 into a sky already working very good with raggy looking cu to 4000ft. Task set myselft was to Banbury,Mynd and return for a300k.
From my point of view it was relatively straight forward with only a few moments when the wrong decision could result in a problem, that was until I got to the Mynd when the sky started to over develop and the thermal weakened. So it was a change of flying style from the previous good climbs and fast glides to one of trying to stay high and using anything that I stumbled into.
The final part from Shobdon to TAL was particularly difficult as I ended up below glide around Hay and even had a field selected but with a bag full of luck the sun popped out long enough to kick off an unexpected thermal and get me back - phew, another close one.
Others weren't quite so lucky, Gerry landed between Hay and the club whilst Mike Rossiter, returning from Clee Hill finally succumbed to gravity and landed just to the east of Kington in a morethan adequate field (see photos).
Ian Atherton was also out doing a 200km flight and Mike Entwisle went around the Talgarth triangle to Ledbury and Leominster to stake a claim for the trophy (not sure who's leading this one).
During the day Bo assisted by Phil S and Keith flew a large group of local scouts,something like 20 of them I think. Well done guys they all seemed like they had a great time.
Finally me and Keith retrieved Mike Rossiter and then celebrated a great day with a swift pint at The Castle (oops Imean The Dragon's Back Country Inn!!)
It's been a particularly good year for flying, lets hope it continues.

Martin Pingel

Saturday 25 July 2015

Forecast to be the best day in between two rather not so good days so there was a reasonable turnout at the club.
A mixture of strong thermals and wind together with some obvious wave interference made things quite lively at times and with patches of persistent sink it was easy to suddenly be caught out. As I found out near Newbridge-on-Wye, to the NW of Llandrindod Wells, where I was on my downwind leg, wheel down, field selected and just about to turn on base leg when a I stumbled into a solid mercy thermal ! I did a couple of turns to make sure it was for real then put the wheel away and climbed rapidly away again - phew that was the closest I've been to landing out for some time.
Tim Hurn was there in a beautiful Ventus 18m showing us all how it's supposed to be done with flight of over 300km which included Cerrig Cennen, Long Mynd and Bala.
the flying went on well into the early evening as the good conditions continued.
Another good day
Martin Pingel

Sunday 1 February 2015

NW ridge and wave to 7500

Just like ye olde days - no telephones, no internet but guess what? yup it didn't stop us flying (as they say you only need two things to be able to fly - airspeed and money). Mike C (duty dog) looked at the BBC the night before so at briefing we were all assured that it would be different than forecast!!

It was certainly a cold blustery day with a stiff NNW to start with but which by dusk had almost died to zero. Flying started at 11am and didn't finish until 5pm as the sun set in the west.
Some interesting landings over the gate in the blustery conditions but everyone managed just fine.

Good turn out of regular members but also boosted by groups from both Cardiff Uni and S Wales Uni who were much appreciated for their help around the airfield - many thanks guys. Flying wise some smart arse (me) got to 7500ft in wave whilst others played around in the abundance of ridge lift, wave and even some pretty good thermals - yes thermal, get ready guys spring is just around the corner.
Martin Pingel

Sunday 18 January 2015

Blue sky and snow covered mountains

Simon Withey and Gordon Dennis kept us in control on Sunday with Geoff King in the tug. Beautiful blue skies and white mountains. A little more breeze would have made it even better but we all enjoyed fantastic views of the Black Mountains and the Beacons. Snoopy (a 1947 T21...) had the longest flight with happy but chilly pilots Mark Fisher and Robbie.
Also good to see quite a few young faces out to play.
Robbie Robertson

Friday 2 January 2015

Weak W wave to 10500

Excellent club day with approx 18 flights including a couple of tow outs by Martin B in his Eurofox. Most got to 6-7000ft in the shifting weak wave but Mike T got to around 9k and yours truly to 10.5k ft. Thanks to Gordon who kept us all in order and also Keith for managing to coax a very reluctant Gazpa into life!
Martin Pingel


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